privacy film

Use film to achieve privacy in your workplace while still allowing natural light in.
Film can also be applied to existing glass, saving on retrofitting costs and can be removed or modified when a design change is desired.  We use film from all of the major manufactures including 3M.

in-house design

This is what sets us apart from the crowd.  Our passion is good design and it shows.

With skilled designers on staff, we can create custom glazing film and full colour graphics to achieve the result you are looking for.  Take advantage of our expert advice and experience.  If budget is a concern, don’t worry.  We can create a beautiful and cost effective solution.


Use your glass and walls to enhance your branding.  How about your logo on your front door or your mission statement on your wall or a screen shot of your app?  The possibilities are endless.  Use the space that you have already paid for to your advantage.

custom printed solutions

Want to incorporate a photograph or other digital image into the finishes on your glass and walls?  Colours can be bold or muted,  clear or opaque,  depending on the aesthetic look you are trying to create. Let us show you the possibilities.

safety sitelines

Perfectly clear floor to ceiling glass presents a serious safety issue. Creative use of film and coloured vinyl can reduce this risk, while adding unique visual interest to your work environment.

Consult your local building code for requirements.

fine art

Do you want to do something extra special in your space?  Commission us to paint a mural or produce some creative signage.  Our award winning fine artists have been in many juried art shows around the province and have had successful solo and collaborative shows.

whiteboard and architectural finishes

Put your walls and other smooth surfaces to good use by installing a Whiteboard film or use 3M Di Noc film to transform your existing furniture and millwork.  Achieve a fresh new look without filling up the landfill.

solar control film

Solar control films can significantly reduce excessive heat or glare creating a more pleasant and energy-efficient workplace.

  • state-of-the-art Sputtered Alloy and Ceramic embedded films can reduce solar heat radiation
    by up to 76% with less reflectivity
  • solar control films can eliminate up to 98% of the UV rays that are responsible
    for up to 40% of fading of coloured surfaces.

Please ask for assistance in selecting an appropriate solar control film.

safety/ security and one way film

Use film to increase your security.  These films help your glass to stay together on impact.  They can reduce injuries caused by breaking glass and slow down potential intruders.  One Way Film can create privacy while still allowing an unobstructed view.