who we are

We have been your trusted partner for large scale commercial and industrial projects since 1997.

what we do

We provide samples, site visits, shop drawings, start-up and close-out documents – everything that you need.

glazing film

Need some privacy or maybe you want to make the glass a design feature in your space or maybe both?


From cut-out frosted film logos to full colour versions.  We can put your logo front and centre on your entry doors, reception walls or just about anywhere else you want it.

wall graphics

Use your walls to set the mood, tell your story, or help guide people through your space.

distraction bands

Do you need some distraction bands ASAP to pass your building inspection?

We can help with next day installations.

Anti-Microbial Film

Who thought that we would ever need this?

Help keep your employees and clients safe by installing this on frequently touched surfaces.

3M DiNoc

Transform your space without filling up the landfill.

Casper Cloaking film

Only need privacy for the screens in your space?  Casper Cloaking film by Designtex does that for you.